Ngun Lam Volleyball – NLV

The Toronto NLV organization has been a pillar to the NACIVT circuit since its inception in 1976. True to the origins of 9-man volleyball in North America, the original Ngun Lam team members were a group of Chinese immigrants.  And it is through volleyball that their community was established. The NLV organization has transformed throughout the years, is now a vibrant organization full of youths and alumni.

Our mission statement is to foster an environment where youths can play competitive volleyball at minimal cost.

Deep rooted in tradition, NLV continues to promote friendship and culture, the spirit that is the fiber of 9-man volleyball. Friendship, commitment, and a strong work ethic are values that have created the foundation for NLV. We invite you to be a part of our brotherhood. Spend a summer with us and be a better volleyball player, make life long friends, and enrich your life.

What to expect:

        • Practice two to three times a week. Days will be flexible. If transportation is a concern we will arrange car-pooling
        • We travel to New York and one of the North American Major Tournament city locations every year. As well as numerous Tournaments in Toronto. We will work with you around scheduling and financing
        • Low fees. We do a tremendous amount of fundraising to subsidize costs, we strive to be the lowest cost option.
        • Certified coaches that are leaders in the Collegiate and Club levels
        • Challenge: You will become a better volleyball player and community contributor.